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Bob DeLorenzo is known for putting a solid foundation on
horses of all breeds, destined for all disciplines.  He draws
on decades of experience in the horse business, and has
numerous roping and show ring championships to his
credit.  He has a simple, no-nonsense approach to horse
and people problems, and always views things from the
horse's perspective.  His goal is to create a willing
partnership between horse and rider through Natural

Nancy DeLorenzo, like her husband Bob, has a passion for
roping and good ranch horses.  A long time competitor in
breakaway roping, Nancy has also won several
championships in the Ranch Horse Versatility arena.  Look
for Nancy and her mare, "Sometimes A Lady"  at the Ranch
Horse shows this year.

Jennifer Tracey, a Morrisville College graduate, is an
assistant trainer at the farm.  Calm and patient, Jenn helps  
green horses to develop confidence and trust in the rider.  
In her spare time, she competes in western horse shows.
DeLorenzo Training
Bob ponying a colt out on the trail
Nancy competing in Ranch Versatility
Jenn and a 3 year old in training