We train all breeds for all disciplines, using our imagination to challenge horses
beyond the norm.  We use "Natural Horsemanship" for our approach to the horse
and rider.  A thorough understanding of equine psychology and behavior allows us
to tailor the training program to each horse's needs and goals.  Horses are exposed
to cattle, traffic, trails and trailer loading.  Specific problem behaviors are

From the first saddling of a colt, to collected work at the upper levels,  we look at
things from the horse's point of view.  

Owners are encouraged to attend training sessions at least once a week.  
are available, on your horse or ours.  Development of a solid foundation is essential,
so the horse-human relationship will continue to flourish when the horse goes home.

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Contact: Bob DeLorenzo
23 Young Rd
Middle Grove, NY 12850
(518) 581-0163
Bob working in the roundpen with 2 colts
Bob team roping
Bob teaching a horse to load safely
DeLorenzo Training
Bob working with Lizzie